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An Introduction


Our stores are traditional bike shops! We have key employees who can solve most of your problems with their up to 38 years of experience. We have lots of merchandise in small spaces, but not much chrome and glass for display fixtures.

Our Key Concepts:

• Desire to learn a lot about how you will use our products, not a quick judgement.

• If we don't know, we will say so! AND get you an answer.

• Willingness to special order your favorite products if we don't normally stock them.

• Our products are chosen for their function, reliability, warranty support, and price - not just because they're heavily advertised.

• Knowledge and know how - not "buzz words."

• We will advise you regarding repairs - and we will give you options. You don't HAVE to do ANYTHING!

• We are currently not open Sundays and Holidays because we value our key employees and their families, and we value you enough to want key people around to help you.