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Bike Service & Repair

Our Approach To Service

At Frank's Spoke 'N Wheel, we inspect your bike in detail and talk with you about what your bike needs, or what it could use. You decide which repairs you would like us to perform. Here are some quick notes to help you understand our approach to service:

  • We service virtually all bicycles.
  • Your bike is the best bike - it may be expensive or inexpensive, new or old, high tech or low tech.
  • Your bike is important to you, therefore it is important to us.
  • We believe the bicycle functions safely as the sum of its systems.
  • We can only make a bike run as well as the equipment allows - we may well be able to make it run better than you are used to.
  • Much equipment exists to improve comfort and functionality - we will be happy to advise you.

Bike repair and service in Westboro, Waltham & Sudbury

  • Our tune-ups are complete tuning, and lubrication and adjustment from a riders perspective. Safety and function are our mission. we may make suggestions of equipment additions or changes which may enhance YOUR riding needs, however close or far you are likely to ride. All our limited staff are qualified to help YOUR riding needs. the current tune-up fee is $124.99.
  • We will assemble and tune bikes not purchased here - the charge is $134.99 which is basically a tune up plus. The bike will be assembled safely and will function as well as the equipment allows. Bargains come at a price, but we respect your buying decision.
  • We will not complete an assembly started by someone else, the liability is too great and the skill level of consumers vary too much. We WILL start over on such bikes and do a complete assembly (see prior note).
  • We will provide you with an estimate if you need one, usually at no charge.
  • We will call for approval of any additional work needed over $20

friendly, knowledgeable bike service

  • We do not take appointments generally. Sometimes it is possible to make arrangements on an individual basis.
  • It takes as long as it takes to do service work. We bill by the job, not the time. Your job will be done correctly, and will take as long as the mechanic needs.

best bike shop in Westboro, Waltham & Sudbury area

  • You will always be able to speak with THE person servicing your bike.
  • Only ONE person will work on your bike. No repair by committee!
  • Slippage in the repair schedule is possible when parts are not on hand or available, or other jobs take longer than expected. We work hard to avoid this, but it is in the nature of the business.

trustworthy personalized bike service